Would you second date if pre-emptively asked to pay half the bill?

explainervideo6 | 02.06.2017, 16:13
I was watching first dates and it struck me how many of the women that know they aren't going to agree to a second date, happily accept the guy paying the whole bill. Do you think that is fair. If they know they are happy for a second date then they know they can repay them by picking up that bill.
In fact a few times women have seen their arses when asked to contribute. Now baring in mind neither asked the other on the date it was pre arranged by the show, I thought they had a hell of a nerve to get arsey over paying half. In each case like this they have refused a second date.
If you were asked to pay half before you offered (thats if indeed you were going to) would you agree to a second date or would this tell you that they are tightfisted?

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