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No Java or C++.
English or Russian is a must.

AJAX task:

AJAXAPI library for developer of web based UI (vanilla HTML/CSS/JavaScript).
Should Talk to web service/webpage on server side.
Provides AJAX API to developer of the page, to talk to server side webservice or webpage (POST/GET).
WebService(WCF)/webpage exposes multiple server side API methods.
Server side methods can drastically differ in time of completion – from seconds to few minutes.
Server side methods can be async and sync.
AJAX API should handle all real life problems – timeouts, multiple requests, disconnected situations with server and so on.
AJAX API should expose server API methods to web page developer in simple concise way.
Should handle server side events,  time synchronization, multiple requests generated by web page, validation and other real life problems.
Should be easy extendable, verifiable, friendly with other AJAX libraries.

Second Part:
To create JavaScript Library for web page developer to easy consume AJAX API Library and provide him methods to reflect API tasks completion to webpage.
All of the above requirements applies here.

Server Side task:

Create a simple API methods (copy, transform, delete) to expose work with files on fileserver.
Expose them though WebService (WCF for example).
WebServices are hosted on web-farm.
Fileserver logically represents DFS farm.
Files can be from kilobytes to gigabytes.
Multiple clients accessing API.
AOP tasks like logging, performance statistics, security and so on should be on Opt in/Opt out.
Should be very generic, easy extendable, scalable, test harness, composable.

Second Part:
Add Create, Read methods to API.
B4 phone interview, we would require you to provide us with the description of approach to solve one of the problems we stated in task description (AJAX API or Server side API).
As always devil is in details, so please specify how do you think to solve tricky parts of the chosen problem.
Generic OOP scheme or workflow scheme or dataflow schemes or any other schemes are very welcome.
Formal methods, or algorithmic approaches are welcome.
Please specify what technologies, languages, paradigms are you planning to use and why.
Please specify the way you planning to prove or verify or test the solution to the problem.
Please specify how long do you think it’s going to take you time wise. If you are planning to do it in parts, please provide a timeline.
In case you have any questions about task or any requirements or anything else please feel free to contact us ( [email protected] ).



Мы можем переписываться на русском.

The majority of our questions were not really about asking if you can do it, or what exact tools are to be used. The only requiremetns of tools were "not to use langauges such as Java or C++". So far all answers we have received are targeted to a Web UI, web site or web app. development. We are very specific in our request about web API. We confirmed it's not Web UI.
To make it even more specific - we are doing a test to find a person who can do such work. We have it done, we know how to do it, we know all the challenges.
This person we are looking for would require to extend current system, fix the existing problems, work with customer's specific tasks.We want to find a developer for the next simmilar project on the platform that is already done.


[email protected]

  Val57 | 19.07.2009, 15:25

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