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Raymond picked the name Victoria after Queen Victoria of the Uk to associate with the refinement of the Victorian Age. The Secret has been exactly what was hidden underneath the clothes. Even the"angels" stems out of his wife getting at a sorority, Pi Beta Phi, exactly where their mascot was an angel. [12] Victoria's key Surrounding $500,000 in its very first year of company,[7] ample to fund the growth from a headquarters and warehouse to 4 brand new store places [13] and also a re Search operation. [7] By 1982, the fourth retail store (even now in the San Francisco location ) has been inserted at 395 Sutter road. [14] Victoria's Secret remained at the location before 1990,
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If it transferred into the more expensive Powell road frontage of the Westin St. Francis. [15] In April 1982,'' Raymond sent his 12th catalog; every single catalog cost $3 (equivalent to $7.79 at 2018). [14] Catalog sales accounted for 55% of their company's $7 million yearly earnings in 1982. [14] The Victoria's Secret shops at this time were also a market player within the underwear market. The organization was explained as"Additional burlesque than Main Street
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