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explainervideo4 | 25.05.2017, 17:07
Set me straight if needed. I'm going to sub off of my 200A panel and go to a detached metal building I have erected. Have studied and viewed post here and at other sites for my needs. I plan to go at it this way, I will be exiting the 200 amp source panel with a 125A two pole breaker, going underground in 2" PVC conduit @ 24" depth, conductors are copper @80' long, (2) # 1 line conductors (1) #1 neutral conductor and (1) #6 insulated ground. Of course we are also unbonding the sub panel since it was cheaper to buy a main load center. Also, an 8' driven rod and # 6 solid copper wire will be used for grounding the sub panel. Is anybody going to try and ask me to use #2 wire and save on cost???


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