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Hello Everyone,

How am I able to get internet using a powerline adapter next to my desktop when the converter is not plugged in at the modem?

I am running a Powerline hard wire network to send internet from my modem downstairs to an adapter upstairs that plugs into my computer. I noticed that my internet speeds were abysmal at my desktop upstairs, ranging from .79mbps to 3.67mbps download speed, and knew something was wrong, as I pay for a 100mbps service. I updated everything on my PC, thinking a driver or bug was slowing me down tremendously, to find the problem persisted. Upon further investigation I discovered that someone had unplugged the Ethernet cable from the converter that actually puts the signal from my modem into the powerline of my home, yet I was still pulling a small amount of bandwidth out of the powerline. Plugging the ethernet cable back in resulted in me getting the expected speeds between 50 and 70mbps depending on the time of day. I'm blindly curious how I was able to get internet out of my outlet upstairs with no device actively pushing it into my powerlines. Thank you in advance.

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задан 12:59, 18.01.2017

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