Red Hot Chili Peppers


There are few bands that can channel both high energy and intense vulnerability in their whole discography, let alone the three and a half minutes that is standard for radio play. This however, is what Red Hot Chili Peppers do best and their album Californication is a shining example of their talent.
Released in the summer of 1999, Californication marked guitarist John Fruiscante’s return to the band following his life-threatening struggles with drug addiction. Like previous Red Hot Chili Pepper albums, there are shimmers of drug use and experimentation in both the lyrical work and musical composition. Californication tackles this in a way that does not explicitly glamorise but treats it as a rite of passage. The equidistant stand out track ‘Porcelain’ is left open to interpretation. It is delicately composed and leaves the listen hauntingly reassured about the trials and tribulations of everyday stresses; the album is quickly restored to its high energy foundations with the following ‘Emit Remmus.’

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