Random Music "Oldies" Thread: From Vinyl to Compact Disc


While I do realize there is a Random Music Thread, it is in the "News" Music forum, after all, and it's really, for the vast part, centered on discussion of contemporary music mostly from the current year and what's going on right now in the music world.

Alot of times, I'd love to discuss with my various AW-ers great music from the past. Sometimes people will post something like that in the Random Music thread...but it usually gets lost in the ether with little response - mostly probably because everyone who posts there mostly wants to post about current music, and not like some '80s classic from the likes of Kim Wilde, to use a recent example from a recent poster that got little response. Plus, it always feels out of place when someone posts something like that in that thread.

And maybe this thread will die, too, who knows! But since there isn't even an actual random music thread in the actual criticism sub-forum, which this is, after all, I thought I'd give it a go here and see if people want to discuss stuff.

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задан 09:53, 06.06.2017

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