Нужны спецы (с++/реверс/ресерч/нетворк итд)

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1.1 Common skills for all candidates
• Excellent English skills, written and spoken.
• Can proficiently work without steady supervision.
• Ability to efficiently plan his/her own work.
• Ability to use wiki and version control systems.
• Smart attitude toward problem solving.

1.2 Common skills for Developer candidates in junior positions
• At least 3 years of experience in the languages applicable in the relevant target environment.
• Knowledge of networking architectures, services and protocols.
• Basic low-level programming skills and some experience with assembly programming desired.
• Experience with cross-platform development is a plus.

1.3 Common skills for Developer candidates in senior positions
• At least 5 years of Java, C/C++ or Objective-C experience.
• Strong low-level programming skills
• Must keep up-to-date with recent development in his/her own area of expertise (i.e. new features in recent operating systems, development environment, languages)
• Experience with cross-platform programming is a plus.
• Good knowledge of the target assembly programming highly desirable.
• Experience with LLVM/clang suite is a plus for Unix environments candidates.

3.5 Back end Developer
• Developing the back end of a complex web application.
• Participating in software product design.
• Experience in developing back ends of web applications accessing databases.
• Experience in developing stand-alone Python applications.
• Expert knowledge of Python, its usage to build web applications and one or more asynchronous frameworks.
• Knowledge of MySQL and / or Mongo DB databases.
• Good knowledge of Unix servers administration and shell scripting is a strong plus

3.6 Web UI Developer
• Developing a complex HTML5 + JavaScript web application.
• Participating in software product design.
• Expert knowledge of HTML5 and Javascript.
• Good knowledge of jQuery and one or more jQuery-based UI framework.
• Good design skills: must be able to design a user-friendly GUI usable by desktop and mobile browsers.
• Knowledge of Python, web server administration and scripting in general are plus.

3.7 Network security software programmer
• Developing complex network security software running on a Linux-based appliance.
• Participating in software product design.
• Expert knowledge of C/C++ programming on Linux.
• Expert knowledge of TCP/IP network stack.
• Experience on network security applications on Linux (particularly firewall and proxy servers).
• Experience in programming network application on Linux.
• Knowledge of additional rapid development and scripting languages, preferably Python, is a plus.
• Kernel mode programming is a plus.
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