Marketing to a Teenage Audience?

explainervideo6 | 01.06.2017, 13:47
Hello there,

I'm just looking for a little advice, ideally from users who have experience in attracting a teenage demographic. For the past 6 months or so (I work full-time) I have been developing a website in my spare time with a unique but simple concept primarily aimed at teenagers around the world - I'm now ready to launch.

My experience with marketing in general is admittedly rather lackluster and I feel throwing money at a particular source isn't worthwhile without a little guidance, especially as Social Media and other sources can essentially allow one to advertise for free initially.

Having said that I've spent the past week or two reading up on various " working methods", all of which require a hefty investment that I am reluctant to jump straight into it.

Without sounding biased, I believe my website would garner interest very quickly and due to the viral nature of the setup could expand quite rapidly, I'm just struggling for start-up traffic currently and feel I may be investing too much time in completely missing the mark.

I'd love to hear from any folks who have been in a similar situation and finally managed to stumble across a formula that assisted them - I'm currently ripping my hair out!

Please Help.
Thanks !

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