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andreamarily | 29.08.2016, 15:24
user posted image courses in New York. Our SAP CRM Practical courses with internationally recognized certificates, professional trainers and innovative learning methods are our recipe for success for you.
Our SAP CRM Teaching materials up to the qualification of teachers. This also applies to courses, seminars and training, as well as for the funded training and retraining.
The SAP CRM Courses offer you maximum flexibility: you have 3 1/2 months access to an original SAP CRM system and can determine when you are editing the case studies in this period itself.
Throughout the course of time you will also intensive and individual support from our tutors - even on weekends and during the holidays.
Technical implementation of new solutions and further development of existing SAP CRM / Solution Manager Applications
resource: techjobs.sulekha.com/sap-crm-training
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