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Псевдоним: Karina Bulachek  
Имя, фамилия: Карина Владимировна
Название фирмы: Bots Crew
Пол: женщина
Вебсайт: https://botscrew.com/  
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Страна: Украина
Регион: Львовская область Область
Город: Львов
Часовой пояс: Europe / Amsterdam (+1.00)  
Язык: ru  
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Обо мне:
We are BotsCrew — software development company, located in Lviv, Ukraine.

Our main goal is to simplify working with the web-services by implementing chat-bots — predictable and understandable program, that behaves like a real person or even your friend. All you have to do to is to add a friend in your favorite messenger and start chatting. The bot will understand everything you ask him, and respond with a personalized content.

We are the team of innovators. We truly believe in what we do and see the future of chatbots as a new Era. And we are all friends. Join us! http://botscrew.com/careers

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