Juniper Network Engineer

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•    Candidates MUST have a minimum of 7 years networking experience
•    Thorough understanding (Packet level) of IP Packet flow, OSI model
•    Layer 3: IP and related technologies (ICMP, TCP, IPSec, GRE, QoS, VRRP)
•    IP routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, RIP)
•    Layer 2 technologies (Ethernet, 802.1q/p VLAN, STP, RSTP, ARP, PPP, MLPPP, LACP)
•    Understanding / Exposure / Experience with MPLS, VPLS, L2 and L3 VPN
•    Experience in managing and / or upgrading multitude of Juniper devices: MX, SRX, EX, QFX
•    MPLS Traffic Engineering, LDP, RSVP
•    Multicast technologies: NG-MVPN, PIM
•    NETCONF programming, Yang modelling
•    Perl / Python / Unix Shell / Expect scripting
•    Certifications: JNCIS, JNCIP
•    Experience in Service Provider world is highly desired
•    JNCIE highly appreciated


•    Troubleshooting the network’s design and architecture issues
•    Analyzing network and device configurations
•    Interacting with JTAC
•    Providing network design leadership; assisting in identifying and building solutions
•    Testing product features and functionality
•    Providing deployment guidance to ensure that implementations are consistent with design specifications
•    Providing informal workshops to transfer knowledge to engineering staff
•    Applying industry best practices to the design, planning, and implementation of the network
•    Applying extensive industry experience to optimize network performance and proactively analyze potential enhancements
•    Evaluating technical specifications for interoperability


•    Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with the Customer
•    Usage of the latest technologies and tools
•    Good working conditions
•    Friendly atmosphere
•    USA work visa
•    High salary

E-mail: [email protected]
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