How to do HP printer wireless setup via

ellawatson480 | 07.02.2020, 10:49
If you are using HP printer and willing to do the wireless setup, then just go through the below mentioned solution. Here we have mentioned effectual steps to do HP printer wireless setup effectively.
•    In the control panel of printer, search for Wi-Fi option.
•    Click on the Wi-Fi direct option and now go into settings.
•    Activate Wi-Fi on your printer.
•    Check internet connectivity.
•    Open HP printer software, post clicking on Tools option, open device setup software.
•    Connect a new device by click on this option.
•    As we want to do wireless setup, click on open device setup software.
•    For other setup procedures visit
By following above mentioned steps, you can effectively setup the HP printer, If problem persists, call on our toll-free number.
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hpprintercare | 17.02.2020, 11:49 #
We all are using printer device to print and scan documents and pictures. If you are an HP printer user then you can use HP Printer Assistant to mange your printer tasks. You can download and install this assistant software from official website. 
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