How to check for the authenticity of an app?

malinasmith4455 | 31.10.2019, 08:44
In this era of smartphones and gadgets, there are various apps available in the market to make your smartphone experience more enjoyable. Ranging from e-commerce apps to online dating apps, these apps have been ruling over our lives since the invention of smartphones. A major part of our device’s storage space is covered by various applications.
Just because an app is displayed in the list of Play Store’s or App Store’s app list doesn’t always mean that it is an authentic app. Although Google has been striving hard to remove such deceitful apps from its Play Store, there are still some fake antivirus, browsers, and games which have not been taken into consideration.
Attackers use different methods in order to accomplish their goals. With fraudulent means, they trick users into downloading such fake apps. Some scammers use emails and SMS which you think to have received from your Bank or Credit Card Company, resulting in the data breach. Many times, fake apps pose to be a security update and upon clicking on the link contained in it you will be redirected to some malicious sites landing you into trouble.
How can you protect yourself?
Texts, emails, and notifications from unsolicited sources that pose to be from a bank or any other unknown institution can be what they don’t seem to be. Do not click on the link in any case if it is from an unknown source. Use caution and read the message first before tapping on the link as they may be from suspicious sources. If you have any query regarding your bank account, antivirus or anything else, you should first look for solutions on the official website.
It is also recommended to download the apps from authentic and official sources, such as Google Play Store, Market place. You can also do research about the app that you are going to download. A telltale sign of an app being authentic is that it is widely used by people. Check for its reviews and rating before installing on your device.
Spelling errors, cheap logos, and unbalanced or poorly formatted interfaces are shreds of evidence the app may be faulty.
Think before you click
•    Even though there may be a sense of urgency to one-click and install, it is better to take enough time and remind yourself of the signs of an app being suspicious.
•    Go to your mobile’s settings and make sure you do not allow third-party app downloads from untrusted sites.
•    Norton Mobile Security App Advisor downloaded via for the Google Play Store, which is included in the Norton setup provides comprehensive protection from the threats.
Wrapping up-
Practice caution and use The App Advisor in order to examine the behavior of the app before downloading it on your device. Along with detecting an app for malware and viruses, this will also keep intrusive behaviors such as pop-ups and ads on track. [email protected]:-
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