Genesis Moscow Conference

Digital October
explainervideo4 | 10.06.2017, 12:47
For the first time ever, key figures of the international Blockchain community will gather in Moscow in order to exchange insights with Russian colleagues and answer any of their questions. This conference serves primarily as a platform for communication, networking, discussion and exchange of views on the development, implementation, application and regulation of Blockchain technology. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the Blockchain masterminds, discuss prospects, convey their point of view, and perhaps to dispel some myths that still exist in the industry.
"At the moment, the community is of an extremely decentralized structure - in my opinion, even too decentralized," says Artem Tolkachev, one of the leaders of the Russian Blockchain community. "However, as the technology evolves, the community evolves through personal development of the participants, most of whom are experiencing rapid professional growth."
Genesis Moscow Conference is set to be attended by more than 500 people. The idea is to connect international and Russian Blockchain movers and shakers by offering a common platform for networking and exchanging insights. There will be eight top speakers altogether who will give a 45-minutes presentation followed by a 45-minutes Q&A session.

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