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I'm finding that the firms screen is not behaving the way it should. 2 scenarios: When viewing the Firms list on the :corporate details screen" for a specific corporation, I double click on one of the firms thumbnails (such as the retail thumbnail) and then it jumps to a firms screen for a totally different company. this used to pull up the list of retail firms for the same corporation I was looking at.The other scenario is a lot worse, when trying to batch change the supplier of a particular product for retail locations, when I click 'batch' not only does it take me to a list of firms for a different company and then the scroll list/box of other corporations is locked and I cannot even change the screen to view my firms. As of now I cannot find a way to batch change suppliers for retail products because of this.

Please help.

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задан 16:39, 03.04.2018

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