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EasySize for iOs
launch date - 5 January, 2013

Use EasySize to shop online, present your darlings, friends or family members with correct-sized clothes, order abroad and forget about returning wrong sizes.
EasySize is really easy to use, you can define your size with:
- 2 new pictures using special contour to do everything correctly
- 2 existing pictures from the gallery (you can use your friends photos to surprise them)
- parameters (if you already know them, of course)
Sizes differ from brand to brand, that is why EasySize not only gives you the midrange sizes, but also the parameters in centimeters and inches. And there’s more: you also get your sizes for several popular international brands such as TopShop/TopMan, ASOS, Nike, GAP and American Apparel!

EasySize Lite for iOs
launch date - 15 March, 2013

With EasySize Lite you can find out the sizes of the following items:
- t-shirts
- underwear

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Gulnaz Khusainova, Natalia Muntyan, Vladimir Smirnov
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EasySize is the service with which everyone can define their clothes sizes BY PHOTO!
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