Dangerous Woman ~ Ariana Grande


I know that we're all talking about Cannes right now, but can we please take a moment to indulge in and discuss this modern R&B/Pop blessing.
I'm only about a third of the way through, but I don't think my body was ready for this.

Mods, if there is already a thread for this (I couldn't find one) feel free to merge.
Into You (dripping with this mysterious sexuality and then bursts with that 90's pop dance chorus that drives it to another level...and that line "a little less conversation a little more touch my body"...LOVE!!!)
Touch It (genius vocal play, musical builds and just the perfect radio ready fusion of ballad and up-tempo hit)
Moonlight (ugh, those vocals and that Mariah Carey realness...perfect opener)
Be Alright (the R&B/pop froth is delicious, straight up Carey EMOTIONS ramped up for a modern audience)
Bad Decisions (GREAT summer pop song that should explode and feels like a great choice for a single...SO MUCH FUN!)

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