Custom Chatbot Development | Business Uses Cases and Benefits

anshul.bansal | 20.11.2019, 15:11
The conversational abilities of artificial intelligence are becoming an essential part of human resource organizations. Business investments in custom chatbot development have generated sales and boosted customer satisfaction significantly. Chatbot app development services are effectively reducing customer service costs and automating routine business tasks for eCommerce, finance, health, and other businesses.

This blog post explores industry best use cases of custom chatbots.

Automating Operations and Engaging Customers for Media Industry
Artificial intelligence has brought an added advantage of deep customer insights to derive large profits in the media industry. It provides contextual recommendations leading to a twofold increase in the conversion rates of Amazon, Netflix, and other digital media platforms.

Here’s how conversational chatbots are empowering digital media platforms to enhance customer engagement and experience-

a) By training the chatbot algorithms with relevant customer queries, businesses can address customer grievances in no time.

b) NLP services can be used to provide a handsfree gaming experience with voice-controlled and facial recognition-based gaming instructions.

c) Digital ticketing windows can deploy chatbots for instant booking and searching for tickets, getting pricing details, checking availability, and more.

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