Ceiling fan circuit

explainervideo4 | 25.05.2017, 17:10
I removed my kitchen ceiling fan to clean it; but, when I reinstalled it, I was unable to find a connection that allowed the fan and light to energize independently. 120VAC enters the ceiling box; and, is conducted to the wall box where there is a 3-speed fan switch and an SPST light switch. In the wall box there are 2 additional wires for the fan and light circuit; and, another wire for a light in the breakfast nook. I can turn the fan and nook light on/off with the SPST switch; and, I can operate the fan with the 3-speed switch. My problem is that when I energize the fan switch, the fan light comes on even if the SPST switch is off. And, if I turn the SPST switch "on" while the fan is operating, the fan light goes off. Also, when I turn the fan light on while the fan is not operating, I hear a soft squeal as if the current is passing through the fan motor. I've tried reversing polarity at the switches; but, the same issue continues. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


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