Business Automation Computer Programmer

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Работа / Программирование
1. Requirements gathering  (analyzing current situation, researching alternatives, holding focus groups/meetings to gather additional information, making recommendations).  Updating the client’s search; ACSOR/NCPOR migration; and integrating QA into NGNCP.  Ability to bridge the gap between technical and functional for the client.
2. Assist in managing the existing list of requirements (stories) in the backlog
               a. Organize the stories
               b. Identify Gaps
               c. Write new stories
               d. Research details for stories/help identify and finalize acceptance criteria on stories
               e. Write use cases
               f. Draft business processes/workflows in Visio

Must have formal IT system credentials and experience with large government programs. Proficient in key Microsoft Suite AND Workflow Automation applications—preferably Highview and Metastorm.
Assists with Business Automation.
Provides insight into how operations can be improved with technology.

For more details: Animated Video Cost 
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