Аукцион для фрилансеров (J2EE, Spring 2.5)

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Reverse auction for freelancers and job providers.

The main user story to be implemented is:
- Service seekers post their requirements / projects
- Service providers place their bids
- Both sort out any issues through project discussion board
- Then service seeker chooses the service provider that he feels is best suited for the job
- Service providers complete the job
- Then they place review for each other

This involves following use cases:
- Create account:
-- For service seekers
-- For service providers (it could be the same page, but with switcher for additional form fields )
- Post job
- Search for a job
- Service providers can bid jobs
- Service providers can ask questions through message board
- Service seekers after deadline can choose the winner
- Both service seekers and service providers can place marks on each other.

There are two section of the web-site: job catalog, freelancer catalog.

Messaging system for communication between job provider and freelancer. Simple bulletin board for job discussion on job infopage.

Rating system for job providers and contractors

Admin area for managing users (ban, create), jobs, categories, locations (cities, districts, etc).

All texts on pages must be localized using standard i18n approach.

Technologies: J2EE (Taglibs, EL), Tiles 2, Spring-MVC 2.5, Spring security, Hibernate, JavaScript, Maven, SVN

Small TESTING TASK (please apply with code):

The delivery is only one java class (Servlet).

Image there is a html form with two fields: 'name' and 'password'.

The task is to implement a servlet for this form that will either send greetings to user if his credentials are ok (ex. "Hello, Jack", where Jack is taken from "name" input), or notify user about wrong credentials.

You can use mock DBUtils.getConnection() method which will provide you with java.sql.Connection object in order to make queries to a table with two fields: username, password.

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HTML mockups will be provided

  glaz666 | 19.08.2009, 23:56

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