Animation Director (3D)

Работа / 3D Графика/Анимация

Prep sequences and assign scenes and audio files to Animation team
Direct animation and provide feedback to animators on composition, timing, performance, staging, blocking and overall style
Edit all shots into Avid timeline and take ownership of edits during animation production
Review, provide feedback on and approve all final renders
Manage show resources through Shotgun (asset tracking system to ensure shows are staying on budget while maximizing creative objectives)
Collaborate with Series Director to prioritize client requests and changes on an ongoing basis
Collaborate with VFX Supervisor and Lighting Supervisor to achieve highest quality possible
Collaborate with Production Management to ensure show status is effectively communicated throughout production
Continually evaluate and improve story structure, shot flow, shot design and overall creative appeal
Identify actions necessary to achieve task completion and to obtain results while meeting schedules, deadlines and performance goals
Adapt traditional methods, concepts, models, designs, technologies or systems to new applications and devise new approaches to improve current processes and workflow

Here are some examples of Helpdesk Portal video

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